Delivery Information

Client Responsibilities

  • Let us know if you are no longer eligible for our services.
    • 60 yrs or older
    • Not driving/homebound
    • Live alone and/or no one able/willing to prepare meals for you.
    • A physical and/or mental health condition is making it hard for you to prepare your meals.
      If at any point client does not need services/is not eligible, let staff know immediately as our funding is limited and others in the community are in need of our services.
    Call Meals on Wheels by 4:00pm the day before delivery to cancel a meal. If you are not home for delivery 4 times, there may be a charge for meals and/or termination from the program.  We are willing to help clients with any challenges they may be having.  Example:  MOW can provide cooler and ice packs to be set out by client on delivery days when he/she will be away.  MOW can help client and family problem solve.  COMMUNICATION WITH MOW STAFF REGARDING THESE NEEDS ARE KEY TO STAYING ON THE PROGRAM.
  • Place cooler and ice/ice pack at door if you will not be home, but would still like the meal.  Make sure ice/ice packs are cold in cooler to ensure food safety.  No call is necessary to receive meal in cooler.
  • Be courteous to Meals on Wheels volunteers and staff.

Meals on Wheels Responsibilities

  • To provide nutritiously balanced meals following food safety guidelines.
  • To inform clients of meal delivery protocol and support clients with support as needed.
  • To offer a voluntary opportunity for recipients to donate towards their meals quarterly per federal/state/local grant requirements.
  • To provide notification and reason for meal cancellation if initiated by Meals on Wheels.
  • To follow HIPPA and Civil Rights guidelines.
  • To provide a quality, caring service to all recipients.

Meals May Not Be Delivered for the Following Reasons:

  • There is no volunteer available to deliver the meal.  If this is the case, MOW staff will likely deliver.
  • Due to inclement weather.  When Haywood County Schools close FOR WEATHER, there is no meal delivery that day.  Check WLOS Channel 13 for accurate updates.
  • The bill is not paid within one month.
  • There is no cooler with ice/ice pack at your door to leave meal in if client is away.    


  • Call Program Supervisor, Steffie Duginske, at 356-2442 by 4:00pm the day before to cancel your meal. 
  • Cooler with ice/ice packs may be left for meal delivery during scheduled appointments with but not main form of delivery.
  • INDIVIDUAL TASTES VARY.  However, if you are getting more nutrition with the meal than without, it’s likely a good match. WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK. TELL US WHAT YOU LIKE AND/OR HOW WE CAN IMPROVE.
  • Clients whose meals are being paid for by grants/fundraising/donations are invited to donate towards their meal cost.  Donations can be mailed to Haywood County Meals on Wheels - 157 Paragon Parkway – Clyde, NC 28721. If you are able to contribute something, WE THANK YOU!  THERE ARE SO MANY SENIORS IN NEED AND FUNDING IS LIMITED.