It's hard to make everyone's taste buds happy all the time.  But, if you find you're getting more nutrition with the meals than without, it's probably a good match.  Click HERE TO learn tips and tricks to personally adjust meals to your liking.

We work hard to prepare tasty, nutritious, healthy meals for our recipients.  Here's how we do it.

  • All meals are made with love and care at Haywood County Health & Human Services in a state of the art kitchen by well trained staff.
  • All staff have received Safe Plates Training by our local Cooperative Extension through NC State.
  • Our kitchen is inspected by Haywood County Environmental Health Department just like a restaurant, and we continually receive high scores.  Click HERE to see most current and past inspection scores.
  • All meals are checked by a registered dietitian through the Haywood County Health Department and have 1/3 the nutritional value needed in a day.
  • While we do not have the ability to make special meals for specific diets such as diabetic or vegetarian, we do make every effort to use minimal salt, sugar and unhealthy fats.  We diversify our proteins by rotating chicken, fish, plant-based, pork and beef as recommended by evidence based best practice nutritional recommendations by health experts.  Additionally, we now use as many complex carbohydrates vs simple carbohydrates by using ingredients such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta.
  • We have made changes in recent years to diversify our meals so they are not repetitive throughout one week or month and work towards changing meals seasonally to mix it up!
  • During summer and fall seasons when the gardens are bountiful, we partner with many individuals and community gardens who kindly share the fruits of their labor with us -   allowing us to provide as many fresh fruits and vegetables with our recipients.
  • All menus are subject to change  - which can happen during summer months when we have lots of fresh donated veggies!
  • We welcome all feedback - regarding what you like and what you're not so fond of - at anytime.  We formally request anonymous feedback once a year through a paper survey handed out by volunteers at meal delivery allowing recipients to let us know how we're doing in regards to meals and volunteer and staff service.
  • We receive support from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

About Senior Nutrition

To know more about USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) guidelines are for healthy meals for seniors?   Here is a helpful resource for you to learn more about maintaining a healthy diet for seniors.