About Us

Our Mission

To provide nutritious meals, friendly visits, and safety checks that enable homebound seniors to live nourished lives with independence and dignity through the efforts of staff and volunteers.

Our Goals

Haywood County Meals on Wheels has been around since 1975.  Over time we have adapted and changed to sustain and improve the program, and we will continue to do so to for the betterment of those we serve.

  • Serve any qualifying senior who needs our services through grants, donations, fundraising, consumer contributions and county support.
  • Maintain and sustain happy and engaged volunteers.
  • Provide high quality, tasty, and healthy meals.
  • Provide effective communication to ALL who utilize our program - recipients, volunteers, grantors, donators, and community collaborators.
  • Provide an empathetic, effective, efficient, high quality program to ALL who experience our services through staff and community volunteer delivery drivers.

These goals are ambitious, but with your help, and by utilizing our core strengths — community support and committed volunteers — we can achieve them.  Learn more about our program by clicking HERE.

2021-2022 Annual Summary