Advancing the Common Good

The Meals on Wheels program provides so much more than just a well-balanced meal. Our visits provide a human connection to many who rarely see anyone else throughout the day or week.Haywood County Meals on Wheels has provided nourishing meals to support the health and wellbeing of the homebound in our county for over 40 years. Our Meals on Wheels program can provide up to five meals per week to elderly homebound and disabled adults who do not have the ability to prepare their own meals and do not have anyone to prepare their meals for them. Our meals meet the 1/3 daily allowance for nutritious wellness to one of the most vulnerable populations in our county.

Receiving assistance from Meals on Wheels can, and often does, prevent these individuals from being placed into a facility or other institution by allowing them to remain at home and in familiar surroundings. When an individual remains living at home with services such as Meals on Wheels, our state and local government budgets do not have to incur or sustain the much higher cost of supporting that individual in a facility.  Low income meal recipients receive meals at little to no cost so nutrition is not compromised.

We currently have about 80 volunteers to cover almost 20 routes each delivery day. Pre-covid we had about 200 volunteers.  They have assisted in recognizing many circumstances that have warranted medical attention as well as supporting the client in obtaining services and resources throughout the county. 

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