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Reminders When Delivering


  • ….trying to let each recipient know you have delivered their meals by calling or speaking to them.
  • ….attempting to find your own sub by swap/covering with drivers who deliver your route on a different day
  • ….leaving a door hanger note for recipients who are not home for delivery.
  • ….signing your route sheet each week and noting how many meals you delivered.
  • ….remembering that meals may not be left in a cooler that does not have a frozen ice pack or ice.
  • ….letting us know when you have more involved concerns about certain clients.
  • ….letting us know if you returned any undelivered meals to MOW via route sheet & giving meals back to staff.
  • ….calling HHSA to file an APS (Adult Protective Services) report if you think a client is unsafe or neglected. 452-6620.
  • ….checking your folder & delivering any informational handouts such as menu to the client.
  • ….notifying MOW staff about any volunteer absences via route sheet, text, email, and/or voicemail.
  • ….keeping everyone safe by wearing your mask on MOW Dock and at delivery due to COVID precautions.
  • ….trying to offer any undelivered meals to other recipients—noting who received extra on route sheet.

Setting Boundaries with Recipients

It’s important to set boundaries and have clear examples.  Below you will find a list to help you set appropriate do’s don’ts while you are a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

  • Please do not solicit clients for business purposes, and please also refrain from accepting gifts from MOW clients.
  • If a client offers a contribution for their meals, politely decline and ask the client to mail the donation to MOW or call the office for help.
  • If a client mentions being low on money or behind on bills and asks you for money, please alert MOW staff rather than giving money directly to the client; our case management team will follow up to best address the client’s needs. We have access to various community resources to assist those clients who may need more than just meals.
  • If you encounter a situation that is uncomfortable or alarming, please alert MOW staff.
  • If a client repeatedly asks you to run errands or perform extra tasks when you arrive, you are not obligated in any way to volunteer any services beyond their meal delivery. If you are concerned a client needs more than you are able to give, please report this to the MOW office, and we will follow up on these concerns.
  • Please don’t offer legal, medical, or financial advice to our clients; if you come across a client in need of this type of assistance, please alert MOW staff for follow up.
  • Please avoid giving our clients extra food or sweets due to our clients’ wide variety of dietary restrictions.
  • You should only provide services or perform tasks as outlined in your volunteer duties description.
  • DO recognize your own personal boundaries.
  • DO avoid getting into situations that could be misunderstood.
  • DO think before you say ‘Yes’.
  • DON’T give out your home telephone number or address.
  • DON’T take the other person to your own home.
  • DON’T become emotionally over-involved.
  • DON’T get involved in a sexual or intimate relationship.
  • DON’T accept any form of harassment/violence from others.
  • DON’T buy expensive gifts or give money to participants.
  • DON’T accept expensive gifts or money from participants.
  • DON’T lend to or borrow from participants money/material goods.
  • DON’T give rides to participants.

Inclement Weather

On a rare occasion, we must cancel meal delivery to ensure the safety of our volunteers due to dangerous road conditions.  If Haywood County Schools closes due to weather, we will not deliver that day.  If Haywood County Schools has a weather delay, we try to deliver meals.  We will inform volunteers and recipients via robo calls and/or voicemail updates regarding unexpected weather closings.  There may be times due to weather that we are delivering, but some routes may not be delivered depending on volunteer safety comfort and area of county.  

Listen to WLOS channel 13 for school closings to stay informed.  In the event that weather conditions cause us to cancel delivery, we will make every effort to contact each client and volunteer.

Because we know unexpected weather will happen each year, we provide shelf stable meals to all recipients, typically in November, in preparation for these weather closings.  We advise that you save these shelf stable meals for these types of closings, but when we have made it through winter weather by spring, please eat these meals whenever you choose so they are consumed before the upcoming year.